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This is a Pumpkin Farm operation, a Country Farm Market with retail. When hired, I may be required to do ANY JOB that may need to be done for this operation. However, we do try to place people in the positions they are best qualified. I certify that all information on this application is true to the best of my knowledge. I realize that any misrepresentation will be just cause for rejection or dismissal from employment at any time. I also realize I was hired at-will, and I can be dismissed at-will without any due benefit beyond regular payroll or earned bonuses. If I am authorized to handle cash or funds from this company, I will be fully responsible for these funds so that they are accounted for fully and authorize the deductions of those funds from my paycheck until I can have them properly accounted for. I also understand that I will be held liable for any intentional, reckless, and careless abuse of any and all tools, property, equipment, or trucks I use or operate of this company. Minors are not allowed to operate any motorized equipment. Those 16 and over may get training to specific tools or equipment on our farm once they demonstrate responsibility and have a valid drivers license. We are a seasonal and farming entity.