Daytime Creepy Cornfield Adventure!

Great for family fun! This creepy exhibition/haunt takes about 40 minutes to complete.
Daytime creepy cornfield/trail opens September 15th
Haunted Cornfield

The Daytime Creepy Cornfield is designed for thrilling family fun! Parents will have a great time participating with their children as they get involved in exploring the characters and scenes. Most kids can handle this fine. You know your kids best. If you think they cannot handle it, use discretion. The Daytime Creepy Cornfield is not very gory, gross, or startling. 10am to 6pm

$14.95 each for big kids, 8 and up. $11.50 each for little kids, 7 and under. Little kids must have a parent over 18 present. This is like an action packed art gallery of Halloween exhibits. Some move, some scream, but all well done. You wont believe the detailed artistic work involved for your enjoyment.

This resides over 3/4 mile of trail, in 6 acres of a tall, thick, jungle-like cornfield, involving over 60 creepy scenes, complete with sound effects and creatures. As you make your way through the cornfield trail, will you get lost? Scared? Creeped out? Find out as you make your way to the pumpkin field. Then, with the package deal, pick your own pumpkin, Indian corn, gourds, and take a wagon ride back to the farm. Visit and feed the farm critters, and do the scavenger hunt corn Maze. Then picnic in one of our picnic areas, and enjoy your visit. The whole package deal is $24.95 per person. A few hours, or an afternoon of fun for the whole family!

Or, pick and choose your events... Just the cornfield, the wagon ride, or simply just grab a pumpkin... It's up to you! Caramel apples, popcorn, snacks, and refreshments are available. Contact us for pricing of group activities.

29 varieties and 1000's and 1000's of already picked pumpkins to choose from.

Visit our Halloween store for the greatest Halloween creepy props, scarecrows, and decorations.

Fridays and Saturdays we are open till midnight.

We also carry Squash, Indian corn, gourds, corn stalks, straw bales, creepy Halloween crafts, scarecrows, very cool and cute seasonal house and yard decor, and crafts.

Family and Children-friendly Creepy Cornfield

?-?pm Sunday and Thursday nights, and 6-8pm Monday-Wednesday nights
...and a night of HAIR-RAISING experiences! (No actors)
Nighttime Creepy Cornfield is open at dusk and ticket sales end at 10:00PM.

This is the same as the haunt, but without actors. The Creepy Cornfield is geared for couples, those lighter at heart, and families with smaller children that don't wish the environment of an extreme haunt. We only send people through as family groups or couples at spacious intervals, making the experience super creepy in itself. (Some say it is hair-raising and even creepier than with the actors.) Still 45 minutes of fun!

This section is rather confusing on ticket pricing and sales times
Admission is $16.95 all ages

You may bring a flashlight, but do not use it unless absolutely necessary.

Ticket sales end at 9:30 and we will close at 10pm
2014 Daytime Creepy Cornfield opens September 22nd.
Night Haunt
Ticket sales begin at 3pm and end at 11:30pm.
Friday October 16th will be the best night to do the haunt. Nice weather expected.
TicketLeap desired?
Also check out our Night Time Haunted Cornfield

"exciting, thrilling, startling, unstaged and totally unpredictable. Meadowbrook is "THE PLACE" for us to recommend to our neighbors and for us to go to again next Halloween"

"I definitely recommend this event. It has become a yearly tradition for us. The overall feeling in the maze is creepy. So fun!"

"Very easy to find, performance is awesome, You are very close to the corn and they do an excellent job of scaring the you know what out of you. Very fun and worth the $. It was raining and cool when we went but it just added to the sounds and fear. Strobes and fog kept you disoriented and fog was really thick. It rates one of the best events I have been to in a while."

"There are a lot of big orange pumpkin signs, we found it easily"

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