Meadowbrook Pumpkin Farm and Creepy Cornfield FAQ's

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Meadowbrook Pumpkin Farm and Creepy Cornfield Rules

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  1. 1.)

    No food or drink of any kind allowed in the cornfield! Not even a bottle of water. We ask that no weapon of any kind is brought to our farm.

    We try hard to keep our cornfield clean. No one wants to see garbage. It distracts from the scenes and tripping over a bottle or can in the dark can be dangerous.
  2. 2.)

    No touching or striking actors, props, or anyone outside your group.

    Our actors will not touch you, so please respect them and those people around you who are not in your group. If a character accidentally makes contact with you and scares you, please don't strike them. It was an accident and they meant no harm, so please keep walking. If security witnesses an actor getting struck or harassed by you, you will be escorted off the property without a refund.
  3. 3.)

    No touching or contact with any of our creatures, props, or scenes.

    Our animatronic props can be dangerous and move unpredictably, for your safety you must stay within the trail. If you are witnessed touching a prop or scene, you will be asked to leave the property without a refund.
  4. 4.)

    No picking or throwing of corn or any other items.

    For everyone's safety, no picking and throwing of corn or any items is allowed. If you are witnessed throwing any item, you will be escorted off the property without a refund.
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    No refunds given for Creepy Cornfield or Haunted Cornfield once you enter.

    You join us to be creeped out and scared, so if you get scared out of the field or the line, we did our job. If you cannot make it out of the field, one of our security personnel will escort you out of the field.
  6. 6.)

    No alcohol or drug use allowed on premise.

    We reserve the right to refuse entry to unruly or drunk people at any time. If we feel you are impaired by drinking heavily or drug use, we will not allow you to enter for your own safety and ours. However, your pass will be good for another time when you are sober.
  7. 7.)

    Smoking only allowed by bonfire area. The bonfire is the designated area. Smoking in or near the field will get you an instant free pass to leave the farm! Lighting of a match or lighter in field could be interpreted or considered attempted arson. No second chances with this.

    There is NO SMOKING allowed in the cornfield.
  8. 8.)

    No photography in the corn field. Cameras or phones may be confiscated and can be reclaimed at end of night from concession stand.

    Sorry, but photography or video recording is not allowed in the cornfield. The demons inside do not react well to bright lights. It not only hurts their eyes, but ruins the experience for others. Cameras or phones can be left at the ticket booth, with driver's license as proof of ownership for safe-keeping, or you can leave them in the car for your tour through the cornfield. Once back outside, get your camera or phone and feel free to take pictures in the parking lot, concession area, or by the bonfire.
  9. 9.)

    No Leaving the trail or straying off the trail. It is well marked and covered with wood chips.

    Emergency gates and chicken gates allow you to leave the haunt, and are located periodically along the way. They are to be used in an emergency situation, or if you or someone with you cannot handle the haunt or trail, and need to be lead out of the field. No re-entry once you leave the field beyond the end of the chicken gates.
  10. 10.)

    NO WEAPONS OF ANY KIND allowed on this farm, whether concealed legally or illegally. This is a family destination place. Please keep them at home or locked in your trunk.

Please watch your language while on the farm. There are other guests and families on site. Fights and other disorderly conduct will be an invitation to meet the sheriff. Any deliberate contact and destruction or theft of any prop or creature will result in an escort out of the field to meet the owner, awaiting the sheriff. This results to a payment for damage done.