Meadowbrook Market & Farm


Christmas trees will be ready as will wreathes beginning Nov 20th - click here for MAP

The Pumpkin crop Is growing Great Healthy and good .. it will be a great year. . . . We are Now Booking Youth Group Outings, School Group Educational tours, and Trips to the pumpkin Farm groups for all ages. We will Open daily for the season Sept 24th 2017 Wagon rides, Birthday Parties, Company Picnics...OR visiting the super friendly animals along the Safari trail and the Petting area.
Beginning September 30th,2017 EXPLORE the Haunted Cornfield. . 45 minutes of terror 45 minutes of scares an hour or more of fun with our Haunted Cornfield with Animatronic creatures Every Night till 8 pm and Sunday and Thursday Nights till 10 and ......Real live Monsters, and creatures, sound and light effects every Friday and Saturday Night till midnight! With Bonfire waiting area and animal park open and included , ALL Begins September 30th fro the Night-Time Haunted Cornfield. . . Bring the kids and just do the Safari trail through the animal park, to the petting area and the kids corn maze for only 3.00. No admission fee to ENTER the Farm! OPEN 10 to 8 pm M-T-W Thursday & Sunday 10 till 10 pm Fri and Sat 10 am till Midnight.

Sunday till 10 pm beginning Oct 1
We Have TWO Family Wagon now sided with bench seats, like the Sided Wagon in back.

Meadowbrook Pumpkin Farm is home to one of the Midwest's greatest, most exiting, Haunted Cornfields.. Over 3/4 mile of trails located in 6 acres of super tall & thick corn. It's a cornfield jungle, full of haunted & scary scenes, with air action creatures and sound effects, and almost alive-like creatures during the day - BUT MUCH MORE HAUNTED AT NIGHT! Creatures come to life... The fog rolls in... And eerie sounds fill the air while lights flicker and disorient you. You never know which creatures are real and which are not. It's much more unique and way different than any haunted house. It's not a corn maze or a haunted house. It's the Haunted Cornfield!!!

We are home to one of Wisconsin's finest Pumpkin Farms. We grow 26 varieties of pumpkins. You can pick your own pumpkin of any size in the field by taking the hayride out to the pumpkin field and find your perfect pumpkin, or you can take one of our coaster wagons out to the already-picked pumpkin patch and find your perfect pumpkin among our thousands and thousands of already picked pumpkin choices. (Sorted by size and type)

Halloween Haunt Actors and Support Staff Apply NOW

We are always searching for talent and for support staff in the fall. Want to act? We are looking for bad & outgoing monsters that are really into Halloween! Both professional and volunteers. Want to help build our haunt and creatures? Would you like to help grow our crops and help on our entertainment farm this season? We may have a place for you! We are always looking for friendly, talented, and ambitious people to be on our team. If you would like to apply, Contact Us with your interest, as well as the best time to contact you. No one under 15 accepted. Most all of our professional actors are over 18. Volunteers must be 15 and over. FREE Actor Training seminar for all prospective actors and volunteers. All actors, staff, and volunteers must attend one of our teachings.

Pumpkins available at Meadowbrook

Pumpkin Fields... And more!

Pumpkins at our Pumpkin Farm are always great. Our Pumpkins in 2016 are of good size, good color, They will have great stems, and exceptional quality for keeping! We planted twenty-six varieties of pumpkins, many of which are disease resistant. We do our major harvest during last week of September and continuously from then on. Come join us and enjoy the fall harvest, Visit the Safari Trail, animal park and Petting zoo and get some squash, Indian corn, or gourds while you are visiting and checking out the Cornfield!!

Group Gatherings

Group tours, school groups, birthday parties, company picnics, field trips, and lesson travel tours are welcome. See Farm Fun's Group Activities page. Visit our Safari Trail ,Animal Park and Petting Zoo (OPEN September 15 thru Oct 31th 2017 Feel free to contact us for more information on all of our products and services. E-mail is best. If calling, we are not often near the phones, and we reply every evening or early AM. So leave us yoru best time for us to return your call. Please check out the Farm Fun pages FIRST.

No alcohol or smoking allowed on our Farm! Please Respect other guests and the Neighbors with no stereos on or horns on while on Property visiting! Thank you .